Enroll Air Miles Canada’s Card Collector Services

Getting reward miles from the Company need to go through an enrollment procedure for having this opportunity which can be achieved by following the steps below.


  • For enrollment for achieving reward miles, visit this link. www.airmiles.ca/enroll .
  • As you will be redirected, you will see two options for two types of the users who want to attain rewards enrollment.
  • If you do not have a credit card with you as a payment source, then you will have to choose the option “I don’t have card”. After clicking you will proceed next for the further steps of enrollment.
  • For the card holder, second option will be selected. After selecting this, you will first give some details about your card for getting started. This would be the first step of enrollment for card holders.
  • The next step is, you will be asked some personal and business information from you related to you and your work. Give you title, first name, and last name in the given fields.
  • After this, give your address in the field which is necessary. You can give a second address as an optional field. Write down your city, province, and your postal code in the fields below.
  • Give your contact details in the form of your phone number and email ID in the next coming fields.
  • Give your other details related to your gender, date of birth, language and income etc in the below fields. Accept the terms and conditions listed by the company and give the confirmation that you are above 18 years user. After completing the form, click on the button named as “Continue”.
  • After your personal information you will be required to give information related to your business. Give your name and name of your business that you are currently running and your company’s name.
  • In below fields, give your company address, home address and contact information. After this, give details about your company like number of workers and industry name. After completing all the requisite fields, click on “Continue” button to move for next step.
  • As the next step, company will require your preference details. Give the details as per asked fields on the page. After this give your PIN code details as a next step.
  • Set your account preferences and after that get PIN and hint to get enroll into your account.
  • After going through these processes accurately, you will be able to get enrolled for the reward miles.

About Company:

This Company is serving its customers by proving them a reliable and secure source of traveling with the ease of traveling. They are giving the opportunities of having the journey in accordance with time and ease and also with many reasonable payment solutions.

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