Take Airport Survey And Get Free Tickets

Many of the customers wish to get discounts and free services from the company they like the most. For this the customers are provided a chance to fulfill their wish and the way is through the survey, conducted by the company to know how the customers are feeling about their services and packages. There are many different questions related to the services, staff and the products of the company given in the survey. You are just required to tell them honestly and seriously about all what you feel for them. The feed backs are not thrown into the trash bin instead they are meant by the management and you will definitely see change after it.

To take the survey online is much easier that any other way. It takes not more than 15 minutes and in return you are also given some special discount.


  • The survey is available at www.airportsurvey.com.
  • You are welcomed in 10 different languages click on the one that you easily understand.
  • There are two different options given, this is about the invitation either you have received or not. Click as the situation is.
  • If you choose the first option you have to give serial number, type and date of flight.
  • Say you do not have the invitation card, click on the second option.
  • On the next page you are given some fields.
  • You are supposed to select your airline code from the drop down or there is another option to choose the name from the drop down menu.
  • Type the number of your flight or if you do not know this tick the check box given for it.
  • Choose the departure country, departure airport, destination country, destination airport or city from the drop down menu.
  • Click on the button “next page”.
  • The questionnaire is given over there, read out all the questions one by one and answer them correctly and honestly so they could help the company in improving its services.
  • After giving your suggestions give your contact information and click on submit.


If you take this survey you will definitely get a free ticket if you buy one. It is a buy one get one offer, to enjoy this take the survey.

About Company:

Airport is the leading company in all the companies that are serving the people in providing them with comfortable and affordable flights.

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