Aldo Shoes Company Customer Survey

About Company:

There are different brands and companies of shoes in order to carry out their customer surveys. Today we will discuss about the Aldo Company and about its customer survey. Aldo Company is in the industry for nearly around 40 years offering its customers with famous footwear which is trendy and is surely of high quality. Moreover it also offers its customers with some awesome leather goods and accessories. This company was first established in Montreal Quebec and by the time was able to open up its branches in different locations. Currently it holds stores all around the world like 63 different countries.

About Survey:

It is a sort of feedback questionnaire which is created in order to get info from customers about how they feel about this company and its products, and how much satisfied they are about the customer service. You are asked for your suggestions and advice and they are surely considered. Only a short time span is demanded from you in order to complete the process and everything has to be done online.

Through participating in such surveys you will help the Aldo Company by suggesting them that on which parts they need to improve their products as well as service. Moreover by participating in this survey you would be able to get a coupon code which will help you in earning some discount on your next buying. So what are you waiting for? Do you want to miss such a good opportunity? If no then simply step forward and get your discount now.

Step By Step Guide


1-      You are required to have a computer along with the internet connection.

2-      You need to have a sales receipt when you last bought anything from Aldo shoes location.

Instructions In Detail:

1-      First of all you are required to visit

2-      Then you need to select the language of survey by hitting click on it in order to proceed.

3-      Then hit click to the button named as “Next”.

4-      At the bottom of your sales receipt you will find a code. You need to add it and then hit the button named as “Submit”.

5-      Answer all the questions of the survey it will consume nearly 4 minutes only.

6-      Once you are done with your survey, you can write the code of your coupon for 15% discount on you next buying.

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