Fill Aldo Shoes Survey And Get Discount Coupon Code

All of must have heard about Aldo shoes store. Now they are giving you facility to take part in their online shoes survey. They have designed the survey questions in a way through which they can get idea about their customers experience on their store. They value your suggestions which you give them. Besides this, they also offer a discount coupon code to the customers who fill out the complete survey. You must have visited their store chain once in your life and your receipt must be with you for confirmation purpose.


  • Open the following web address by writing it in your address bar i.e. .
  • They will ask you to choose the preferred language from the list available. Choose your desired language and further steps will appear in that very language.
  • They will tell you some rules and regulations for completing their survey and then after reading them you can click the ‘Next’ button.
  • Give the survey ID in the box which you can see from the back of your receipt.
  • After this click the ‘next’ button and you will be taken to a new page.
  • Their complete list of questions will appear. Answer all of them without leaving a single one.
  • Give rating and comments about their store and their survey.
  • In the end, tell them how you felt while filling out their survey and they will also give you a fifteen percent discount coupon code which you can use in their store very much easily.


Get discount on the shoes through taking part in their surveys. You can give them chance to improve their company services and provide high quality items to you. If you are having any complaints on your part, you must not feel ashamed in telling them. They welcome all the responses they receive from their customers.

About Company:

These are a private retailing company which was established in 1972. Aldo Bensadoun is the founder of this company. Headquarter of their company is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They serve all the people around the world. Their shoes are most common among the people. Their other divisions are its accessories, Globo, Little burgundy etc.

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