Check Your American Express Gift Card Balance Online

American Express is the multinational financial services corporation and it’s headquarter is present in Three World, Financial center Manhattan. New York City. New York.. It was founded in 1850 and is best known for credit cards, charge cards and traveler’s cheque businesses. It is the 22nd most valuable brand of the world with more than 160 years of experience.  It is known as the AmEx. Giving a sentimental gift is the way of making someone realize that how much is that person special in our life that is why we always tend to give something very valuable to them or something which really touches their heart.

It is a kind of trend in the elders that when they want to give something to their graduated son or daughter or congratulate someone on a wedding they present him with cash or credit so that he can shop for whatever he likes. This trend started after the use of credit cards became local that is why AmEx has introduced the sentimental gift cards to give your loved one these prepaid gift cards which are very beautiful from their design and really do look like a very beautiful gift.

What Are The Features Of The Amex Card?

You can easily set the display of the card according to the situation. There are thank you cards, graduation cards, marriage cards and custom messages cards so that we can choose our favorite skin or theme for our gift card and can also write the description on it which is according to your own choice. Due to these specifications the gift cards by AmEx are a great hit.

Amex Gift Card Specifications


1-      It is a prepaid gift card which can easily be used for shopping, paying bills and on petrol or gas stations.

2-      They contain the amount of money which is added by the person who gifted the card on the occasion.

3-      The money is not transferable and the card is also not redeemable for the cash.

4-      If you lost your card then you will be issued a new card and your unused card money will be refunded.

Online Services:

1-      There are online services for the card holders.

2-      You can check your balance online.

3-      You can check your activity and the funds without even visiting the AmEx location.

How To Check Your Amex Gift Card Balance?


1-      Visit the AmEx website for the gift cards.

2-      Click “Check your balance”.

3-      Fill your card number and click on “SEE AVAILABLE FUNDS AND HISTORY”.

4-      Follow the instructions and your account is ready to check all the information that you want.

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