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About Company

American Express Company popularly known as Amex is multinational financial services providing corporation. Since its incorporation in 1850 it is based in New York City and claims major portion of its success from a credit card and travelers check business. It is on the list of world’s most admired companies. It has its national divisions across the globe.

What American Express Cards Can Offer?

American Express Card is the world’s most widely accepted card. This card contains the digital information about the user his identification details, his bank account, his credit limit and various other important things.

Why Online Activation Needed

The process of online activation is an authentication mechanism. Traditionally the cards from banks were sent to user via post while the PIN numbers for dual authentication were also posted. This practice was less secure and caused many financial frauds based on identification theft.

Users have to be authenticated first. Upon receipt of the card the user have to go online and register his details with American Express website so as to be able to use the card.

Since the information contained on the card is sensitive and involves money exchange the company makes sure that the information is completely secure both on the card and while in transmission over any network. This is why online activation of the card is necessary.

How To Guide For American Express (UK) Cardholder On Card Activation


All cardholders have to activate their cards before using it. This process can be done via phone help line or through online means. Online activation requires that the person has

  1. A personal computer that can be used for internet access.
  2. Holder of American Express (UK) card.

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Log on to American Express (UK) card activation website
  2. Enter the 4 digit number on your card.
  3. Provide the 15 digit account number
  4. Hit the “Continue” button and choose personalization preferences from your account.
  5. You can personalize your account and then “Continue”.
  6. Follow next steps as instructed to complete activation process.

Through online activation of the card both the customer and the issuing bank are assured that the card is in the hands of the original and intended user, that it was not lost, or issued erroneously to someone other than the account holder who originally applied at bank.

Once activated the card can be more useful because can now be linked with several other online accounts of the cardholder and merchants. Transactions and payments can be made 24/7 from direct transfers between accounts; credit card limits can be viewed online without having to go to the bank.

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