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First all of you need to get aware of that what is anthem. It is considered to be the short name for the Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield; secondly it was established in year 1980. Moreover it is considered to be one of the most influential providers of the insurance in US. Between the periods of 1993 to 2008 anthem has managed to create loads of mergers as well as acquisitions, plus it has also created huge economic benefits with round about 800,000 customers in US, which are more than enough. Anthem devotes itself to an advanced and high level of community improvement of health and care provision.

Some Info On Anthem’s Online Account

It offers online services to its customers. This type of service allows its registered customers to create and manage online accounts where ever and when ever they need to. Some of the online services include benefit and plan information check, hospital or doctor search and status of claim enquiry. When once you are registered in anthem then you are free to manage you online account whenever and wherever it is easy and convenient for you to do so. Instead of writing mails and calling you have the option of checking everything online securely at great ease.

Do You Know How You Can Register An Online Account At Anthem.Com?

Before you begin the process you are required to prepare for the following:

1-      A computer o laptop that has good access of internet.

2-      The ID number of any anthem member.

Here You Go With Some Detailed Instructions:

1-      First of all you are required to go to the website of anthem known as

2-      When the website is opened in front of you then on the top right hand side of the web page you will find a button which will be marked with “Register Now”, you need to click it.

3-      Once you are done with it then you are required toe enter your name, member Id number, verification code and birthday in to the required space provided and then you need to click the button which is marked as “Save and Continue”.

4-      Then further you are required to follow all the other instructions in order to complete the process of registration.

5-      If you required any further information then need to visit anthem FAQ at:

All in all anthems offers you with online services especially for its registered customers. Then what are you waiting for? Step forward make an account and use these services.


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