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The offer which Citi bank and organization has conceived is exclusively for their valued customers. That is to give them Simplicity invitation that are offered and provided online. if you are also one of the customer of the company then you can get your application for this invitation offer with your internet access.


  • Before starting the whole process make sure you have the invitation letter which you have got form this Company and organization. This letter is must to be with you as you can not attain the services by the company with out issuing that letter which you can receive via email as well.
  • Go to the official web site of for availing the service. Or go to the link .
  • After you will have entered the above link, you will have to give the information which will be present on the invitation letter given to you by the company.
  • Give the invitation letter code in the very first field. This is a unique code and you can locate it on the cover letter of your received invitation letter. You can also get it from the application form.
  • Enter your last name in the second field. After entering the last name give the details about your ZIP code in the last field.
  • All the fields given on the page are required to be filled. These fields contain star sign (*) besides these fields which means these are to be filled necessarily. You can not move to the next process if you will not have filled all the fields.
  • After providing the information, click on the button “Apply Now” at the end of the fields.
  • After this, you will be required to give your basic details and other details for completing and filling the registration form.
  • You will be asked to enter your first name, last name, address and other contact information. Give the appropriate information in the fields given and according to the format defined by the company.
  • After filling the registration form, you can forward this form to the company so that they can make further processing on it. By the confirmation from the company, you can have the opportunity of Simplicity invitation presented by the company.

About Company:

This Company is serving people from many years by the provision of their reliable banking solutions and expertise. They are also offering many services related to credit cards provision and their issuing details for their customers.

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