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Arby’s is the chain of fast food restaurants and their logo is a cowboy oval hat which is having a high elevated design with Arby’s written in between the logo The food chain is owned by the Wendy’s having its 18.5%shares while 81.5% shares are owned by the Roark Capital Groups. It is one of the best fast food chains in the United States and Canada. Its taste is completely different from others and is very much preferred by many fast food lovers because of the new innovations it keeps on introducing in its recopies and in presentation. It is conducting a promise check survey to figure out any deficiencies and the changes which their customers want to see in their service and menu or the type of new entry which they want to see in the Arby’s menu.

Promise Check Survey


1-      Visit the Arby’s restaurant and order your favourite items from the menu.

2-      Do not throw away the receipt which contains the 4-digit code which is to be entered before giving the survey.

3-      Visit the Arby’s official website.

4-      Select the language from English and Spanish.

5-      Click on the arrow pointing to the right.

6-      Enter the four- digit code from the receipt.

7-      Enter your date of the visit which can also be seen on the receipt if you don’t remember it exactly.

8-      Answer the survey questions which are very carefully selected to evaluate good results.

9-      At the end of the survey you will be given four-digit codes.

10-  Write this code down on your sales receipt it will get you a free sandwich from the Arby’s.

11-  Go to the Arby’s and redeem your sandwich.


1-      You need to have an internet access and a computer.

2-      You need the Arby’s receipt to enter the four digit code to participate in the survey.

3-      You need the four digit code provided in the end of the survey to redeem the sandwich which is given to the participants of the survey as a token of thanks.

What Is The Signature Dish Of The Arby’s?

The curly fries is the most amazing dish on the menu off the Arby’s and that is why they are considered as the signature dish of the Arby’s because unlike any other restaurant their fries are long and curly and look very delicious and attractive.

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