Babies R Us Survey Is A Way To Get Discounts

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Surveys are the best ways for the customers to get their desired products and services on discount rates. In the survey the customers are just to answer few little and easy questions, these questions are not about general knowledge nor about some mathematics but these are simply about the performance of the store or the company. This is very necessary for the company to take these surveys as they cannot maintain their repute among the people if they do not take their feedback. For the customers, the survey comes with some special offers so they do not get bored doing this job.

Now the customers are saved from hectic work through the online survey. The company has launched its online survey website where you can easily get the questionnaire and that is it.


  • To take the online survey you have to visit this site .
  • On the home page there are two checkboxes given for the languages, select the one which you understand and click on the only button “next”.
  • If you have your shopping receipt in your hand, then type the given 4 digit code in the given blank.
  • You are also given the access code over the receipt type it in the field.
  • Enter the cashier number from the receipt in the third field.
  • Select your age from the drop down menu.
  • A pass code is given; type it in the field given for it.
  • Hit the “submit” button and you will get your questionnaire.
  • All the questions are required to be filled honestly.
  • To get the discounts you have to provide your contact details including your phone number and address.
  • Click on the “submit” button and submit your survey.


The survey is beneficial for both the company and the customers. The company gets complains about its services and they make improvements where it is needed. The customers get $500 for their time that is consumed in taking this survey.

About Company:

For the children R Us store is the dreamland where they can get their desired games, toys and everything related to childhood. Among the toy stores it is the leading one in America. If you have recently bought some toys for your children from the store you must go for the survey to get discounts.

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