Take In Baja Fresh Survey To Get $2 Coupon

Baja Fresh is a popular name in providing the best Mexican food in town. If you have a taste for Mexican cuisine, Baja Fresh is the right place for you. The restaurant chain is spread across the United States in about 29 states with 256 restaurants. It also opened up a branch at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Baja Fresh offers 40 different mouthwatering items on its menu, including the Taquitos, Baja Burrito, Quesadillas, Primo Tacos and the famous Original Baja Tacos.

The special thing about this chain is that it emphasizes on the use of fresh and healthy ingredients. Quality is never a compromise for Baja Fresh. Each restaurant in the chain also offers help-your-self salsa bar.

If you have had the opportunity of dining at your nearest Baja Fresh restaurant, then you would know that Baja Fresh has come up with a customer satisfaction survey. “Eat well. Live Fresh” is what Baja Fresh believes. And that’s why, it wants the valuable feedback of its customers to improve the services for you during your future visits. All you need to do is to complete the survey and then claim your coupon that you can use when the next time you visit Baja Fresh.

How To Participate In The Baja Fresh Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Your Prerequisites for the survey:

  1. A Computer
  2. An Internet Connection
  3. Your recent Baja Fresh Receipt with the restaurant location number on it

Step-To-Step Guide:

  1. Go to the Baja Fresh Survey website at the following link:  www.bajafreshsurvey.com
  2. Enter the restaurant location number printed on your receipt
  3. Click on the arrow pointing right to proceed
  4. Provide your valuable feedback regarding the food, environment and service at Baja Fresh
  5. Complete the survey and get the code
  6. Use the code to avail your voucher or coupon.


The Baja Fresh Customer Satisfaction survey takes about 5-7 minutes but may benefit for a very long time. Baja Fresh aims to provide its customers with the maximum level of satisfaction with its quality food and efficient services. The restaurant chain truly values its customers’ feedback and considers it an opportunity to widen the number of its regular customers. All you need to do is get online, spend a few minutes in completing the survey, and get benefited from the way Baja Fresh improves its services with the help of your feedback. In the end, you also get a chance to avail the coupons that will save up some of your costs during your next visit at Baja Fresh.

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