Take In $500 Bankers Box Survey

Many products and items of all sorts of nature like record storage boxes as well as magazines, files and storage along with packaging items for offices, are sold at the store and by the brand. The stores make sure that the standard of the items they sell is maintained and the customers remain happy. In this way the customers will be allowed to buy more and more stuff from the store. The satisfaction level is further boosted if the stores improve the offers they give to the customers and so the feedback is given a high priority for this. The survey is the best way of getting to know whether the customers are happy or not with the services they are being given. The offers are checked and the interaction skills of the staff members are also brought into consideration once the feedback is thoroughly gone through.

The improvements are guaranteed to be made once the opinions are given and so along with that the customers could also get a chance to win $500 gift card in the lottery they can only enter by taking the survey.


  1. The survey can easily be taken online without any difficulty. The requirements are simple.
  2. There has to be an internet facility at home or from wherever the survey has to be taken.
  3. A purchasing slip or receipt after shopping also has to be kept safe because the information on it has to be inserted in the bars given on the site so that the survey could be easily taken after doing this.
  4. The code is important on the slip.

Step By Step Guide

  1. The survey can be taken by entering the link of the store @ www.bankersbox.com/survey.
  2. After viewing the website of the store, the information is gathered related to the survey and the language is chosen to take the survey in.
  3. The rules and regulations even policy of the store is read and keeping in view all the instructions the questions are answered.
  4. The questions will ask about the experience and the interaction the customer had while shopping at the store and the possible good and bad of store services they noticed have to be mentioned in feedback.
  5. This will automatically allow the survey taker to enter the lottery and all he has to do to make sure he entered the lottery is give his personal information so that it could be used at the time when he wins.

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