Apply For Reorder Checks Online At Bank Of America

About BOA:

Headquartered at North Carolina USA Bank of America is a multinational banking and financial service provider that served consumers in more than 150 countries throughout the world After the 010 acquisition of Merrill Lynch the bank is now the largest wealth management service provider in the world. The company is a member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and is one of the big four banking giants in the world.

Accounts Checking:

Bank of America currently offers two types of checking accounts.

A basic account with lowest opening balance requirement charges only 8.95 dollars for manual transactions (Withdrawals and Deposits), while electronic transfers withdrawals and deposits are free.

A customized and upgraded account: For customers that have direct deposit the same basic products is upgraded with a choice of customized checks and cards option to add a saving account for only an incremental cost of 4 dollars (a total of 12 dollars a month).

Bank of America, Inc. Check Online:

Checks online is the online reorder facility offered to checking account holders at Bank of America. The manual process of ordering a new check book is not only cumbersome but also take a few days. Online ordering has reduced dependence on the email system, Telephone Company and the customer services department.

Who Can Apply For Checks Online At Bank Of America, Inc.

  1. All holder of bank of America Checking account can order check online through an internet enabled PC.
  2. The checking account holder needs to have an online banking account.

Step By Step Process:

  1. Enter the Bank of America site at and chooser your location.
  2. If you  already posses an online account id then just sign in
  3. If you are not enrolled for online banking the follow the following steps
  4. In the manage your account page click Reorder Check and hit Enroll Now
  5. Select your location and identify the type of account you have with the Bank. This will determine the type of identification information necessary to create an account.
  6. For a checking account only without any debit or credit card you can be  required to provide social security number, tax identification number , Bank of America Account number  and an email address
  7. Click Continue to enroll and provide all necessary information in the online form.
  8. Create your ID and Password
  9. Create a “Site key” for enhanced security while you are on logged onto the Bank of America website.
  10. You will be prompted to select a security challenge question.
  11. Now click Confirm and wait till the website verifies you as a user.


By applying for check online a customer can easily manage his account and reorder check book through online service. The process of signing up is easy and BOA online service is very efficient.

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