Guide To Activate Your Bank Of America EDD Debit Card

Debit Cards now even For the Unemployed- Hail the EPD and Bank of America.

Bank of America has collaborated with EDD (Employment Development Department) to provide debit cards to the people who are unemployed and have applied for help.  Their debit cards are cashed with the monthly credits which are transferred by their aid services of the California This way there is no chance of getting to wait for your cheque mails and neither there is any chance that the cheques of the aid are stolen due to a little carelessness. The Bank of America is the world’s best Bank which deals with many important VIP and local clients internationally providing them services worldwide through online banking. The government of California is very much attentive about their unemployed applicant that is why they have collaborated with the bank so there are fewer complaints by the clients in the section of cash not received or cash robbed due to delayed mail or theft of cheque’s.

Procedure To Get Your Bank Of America Edd Debit Card

Step By Step Guide:

The proper procedure to get your financial aid monthly from EDD on Bank of America Debit card is by following simple steps.

1-      You must have a Bank of America debit card.

2-      You must visit the Bank of America website of credit card.

3-      Access the Bank of America ATM and activate the credit card with your PIN

4-      If you fail to get your card activated from the ATM then call the customer service at 800-432-1000 for the activation of the card.

5-      If you are still unable to activate your card then visit your Bank of America EDD debit card homepage and click “Activate my Card”.

6-      Then visit the activation website and enter the card no along with its expiration date.

7-      After you have submitted all the information then click “Continue”.

8-      Your card will be activated and you can enjoy all its facilities.

9-      In case of any queries you must contact the helpline or click on “FAQ”.

Functions And Facilities Of America EDD Debit Card

The basic functions of debit cards and its facilities are numerous.

1-      You don’t have to wait for cheques.

2-      You can shop anywhere with your debit card and there is no need to carry cash with you everywhere.

3-      You can get new alert messages which are the new updates about your account information.

4-      When your balance is getting low then you easily get access to daily starting balance.

5-      You become eligible to funds 24/7 everywhere.

6-      These debit cards are accepted everywhere where the VISA debit card are accepted.

7-      You can easily secure yourself from SPAMS, phishing and spoofing.

Rules And Limitations Of The EDD Debit Card

1-      The card is valid up to 3 years.

2-      It is valid for the disabled unemployed people, and for paid family leave.

3-      Te card will be mailed automatically to the applicants address and then it can be easily activated.

The Bank of America has the most efficient experience of multinational banking and financial services and it keeps on working to introduce new innovations for the benefits of its customers and for its own profit and name so that more and more customers are attracted to it.

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