Quick Way To Set Up Barclay Card Online Access.

Do you remember which the first credit card was? Yes it was Barclay. In 1966 the first credit card was launched in the United Kingdom. It now offers both Master card and Visa card versions. It is very easy to get access to the minute account information and transaction history making it much easier to keep the close track of one 0% daily spending. The introduction of credit card was a completely new innovation and it proved to be a revolutionary change in the world of banking and finance. Its service is available around the world in many countries. The online access is a new tactic to spread the banking facilities worldwide and the online facility is very fast, easy and secure.

What Are The Benefits Of Barclay Card Online Access?

1-      You can manage your Barclay account online.

2-      You can easily view your account information along with all the transaction history and the most recent money withdrawals.

3-      Include your recent account cavities.

4-      You can also get important notices related to the Barclays along with its services and products.

5-      You can get it whenever wherever you like.

How Can You Set Up Barclay Card Online Access?


1-      You have to be a holder of the Barclay card.

2-      You need your personal information such as social security number along with the account number.

3-      You also need a computer along with the internet access.

Step By Step:

1-      Visit the official website of the Barclays and click to open the webpage for the online access setup.

2-      Enter the personal information  required which includes the mother’s maiden name, your social security number, your date of birth along with your account number.

3-      Select a username and password which you consider suitable for yourself. The username is restricted to be between 6 to 32 characters and the password can be set between 6 to 12 characters. One letter or one number is must in it.

4-      Click on “Continue” once you have completed all of its steps.

5-      Your Barclay card online account has been registered and now you can easily get access to all of its services.

What Is The Customer Ratio Of The Barclays?

The Barclays have 10.4 million customers inside the United Kingdom while 10.8 customers of Barclays are present outside the United Kingdom and their ratio is increasing day by day with a constant speed.

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