Join Barclays To Win Premier League Match Tickets

Getting in to the scheme to win the chance of watching live match, you can follow the steps below.


  • For getting the exciting opportunity of winning the match tickets and watching the live match, you can get the entrance procedure online by visiting to this link. .
  • After getting in to the page of the above mentioned link, you can see the fields to be filled for taking part in ticket winning contest. See the extreme right side of the page where you will have to enter your required data.
  • In the very first field, you will be required to give a code containing 10 digits by clicking on the button “Win Ticket”. As you will press the button code will be generated and will automatically pasted on the right hand side column box first field..
  • you will be supposed to enter your favorite team of which you want to see the match and for which you are interested in winning the match ticket. All the team options are listed in the menu lists which are available for the match. You can select any of them by scrolling down the drop down menu.
  • After selecting your favorite team, give your email address to the company in the relevant field given below. You are required to enter a valid email ID so hat you will be informed after wards regarding the winning of your ticket by the company in the draw. Re type the email address in the below fields so that it may get confirmed.
  • After these fields, you will have to fill out the image characters presented as Security code given in the box below. You are supposed to enter the character presented in the box in to the filed below of this box. Enter the characters carefully.
  • After completing the entire page, click on the button by the title of “Submit Entry” in the end for submitting your entry in to the competition.
  • If you want to check whether you have any winning ticket in the competition which you have entered before, you can also click on the “Win Ticket” in the middle of the page.

About Company:

Barclays Company has offered Premier League match winning competition with which they have offered the tickets at every 90 minutes through out the year. Company has provided the matches that are conducted between different teams to be watched live to their valued customers.

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