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About Company:

Baskin Robbins was founded in 1945 and is a brand by Dunkin Brands. Its headquarters are in United States, Massachusetts and Canton. It is a powerful chain of frozen desserts and ice creams and is globally present as a chain of ice cream parlors. The number of its parlors has exceeded 5800 and is known as the largest Ice cream parlor chain of the world. It has the slogan of “31 flavors” and is presented as a pink spoon of very small size as the icon for it.

Step By Step Guide


  1. You must have a computer along with an internet access
  2. You must understand and speak Spanish or English otherwise you won’t be able to understand the survey and will be unable to participate
  3. You must have a receipt from your visit to the Baskin Robbins.
  4. You must have a ready to print printer set with your PC so that you can start printing the coupons rewarded by Baskin Robbins at the end of the survey


  1. Click on the link www.Baskinrobbins.com/Feedback  and you will be directed to the website of the Baskin Robbins at the survey page.
  2. You will be selecting your language by clicking at “Click here: which will start your survey in English but if you selected the option written in Spanish then you will fill your survey up in Spanish.
  3. Now you will have to pick your country and if you are a US citizen then you will have to provide the basic information regarding your location which includes the State, city and the store of Baskin Robbins which you visited.
  4. Once you have provided the selected information then you must choose the “Next” option.
  5. Now the survey will begin and you will be required to give appropriate answers to the questions asked from you.
  6. In some questions you will have the liberty to place your multiple opinions regarding the question’s answer.
  7. Complete the main part of the survey by answering the questions and then you can provide your suggestions and opinions if any left in form of a feedback message.
  8. Before finishing the survey procedure you will be rewarded the coupons and you will have to print them out.
  9. Once you have printed out the coupons then the procedure is completed.
  10. Enjoy your reward on your next visit to the Baskin Robbins.

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