Register At Belk Credit For Rewards Card Electronics Statements

When it is about getting rewards and discounts in your favorite departmental store then defiantly your heart will explode with joy on getting your hands at a good one. People who are the customers of this store get these joys more often. This is one of the best departmental store chains which keeps on offering best discount deals and rewards card along with electronic statements. The reason behind this scheme is to attract more and more customers but at the same time it also provides great comfort and convenience to the customers.

How To Sign Up?

  • First of all get yourself on the site of the departmental chain by clicking on the link
  • Once you are on the page then log in to your account but if you are not a regular user already and you don’t have an account then click on the option “Register Here”
  • Provide your account number and click on “Next” button.
  • You will also have to provide the additional information which is required in order to complete the validation process.
  • You will have to select a security question and then proceed further.
  • Select account security image and then click on “Done” button.
  • Once you have completed all the steps then you can log in to your account and start to collect points and rewards.
  • Your work is done and you can keep on enjoying your shopping which is full of prizes.


You will get to collect points on your every shopping tour and these points will keep on adding up in your account. You can then exchange these points with prizes and deals. You can also get various discount deals and saving packages which will help you save some money and will keep you in your budget.

About Company:

Belk is a successful chain of departmental stores of mid range in nature. It was founded in 1888 in Monroe, North Carolina. The headquarters are present in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States. There are about 306 numbers of locations of the company. There are about 23880 numbers of employees who are working under the name of the company. The popularity of the store increased once the first location became active. The chain started spreading pretty fast towards South. The administration makes sure that the prices of the things remain suitable and reasonable so that the people feel comfortable in hopping at their stores to keep their budgets in control.

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