Participate In The BI-Lo Customer Experience Survey

BI-Lo is a supermarket chain based in South Carolina. The chain has stores or outlets throughout the southeastern USA and aims to provide value for money through its policy of high quality at low price. The chain is known for its healthier and organic food products and the recent move towards consumer awareness by appointing a paid dietitian at the stores.

Bi-Lo Customer Experience Survey

There is an enormous and obviously, never ending demand for groceries in any market. Grocery and food retailing is undoubtedly highly competitive business sector. According to an estimate approximately 32 million US citizens (A one seventh of the total adult US population) shop at groceries store every day. This makes it very difficult for food and grocery retailers to differentiate their product mix. The core product being generic with few branding options price wars are fierce thereby putting undue cost disadvantages to the suppliers also.

Why Take Part In the Bi Lo Customer Experience Survey:

By taking part in the Bi-Lo customer Satisfaction survey at Bi-Lo website each participant is entitled to get a free $ 250 worth gift card through random drawings.

Eligibility To Participate In Survey

To participate in the survey a person must ;

  1. Be able to read and write Spanish or English Language.
  2. Have a shopping receipt from any of the two hundred BILO stores across US
  3. PC with internet access.

Step By Step Guide

The Survey is an easy set of questions that will take almost five minutes to complete.

  1. Visit OR
  2. Provide the 15 digit Bi Lo survey number at the purchase receipt.
  3. Carefully answer all the questions by following given instructions.
  4. At the end provide personal details that can help the store identify you and send you the gift card.


The best way a food or grocery retailer can differentiate itself from the rest is how it maintains the scale efficiencies, keeps its costs at the lowest without having to transfer undue burden on the suppliers and also without any compromise on quality. By spending just 5 minutes on the site of Bi-Lo survey a customer can get a free gift card of $ 250 per month.

Important Tips:

  1. Make sure t o complete the survey within 20 minutes because after that it will time out.
  2. Read the terms and conditions and sweepstake rules

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  2. Survey Sweepstakes Rules:


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