Burger King’s Family Food Sweepstakes, Play To Win Prizes

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To get in to the facility of entering your survey at the company’s official web site and winning many exciting prizes, you can follow the steps given below.


  • For taking part in to offer conducted by the restaurant, a winning a chance to get coupon and gift vouchers, you can go this link with your internet access. www.BK.com/familyfood .
  • After you will get entered to the web page resulted form the above link, you can see some fields to be filled for entering your self in to the winning contest and which are necessary for the company.
  • You will be given first the chance to choose your regional or native language. All the web page coming after wards will be presented to you in the language selected by you. So make a selection of any language which you will understand completely.
  • After choosing appropriate language, you are supposed to enter next the restaurant number or out let of the company from which you recently have the food services.
  • After this, give your sales number after giving the restaurant number in the next blank field. You can locate both of these numbers on the billing slip provided by the company’s restaurant. You will get a slip after payment of the food services take put that particular slip and read these two numbers from the slip. Enter correct and valid numbers in these two fields.
  • After wards, entering the restaurants and sales number, you will be supposed to give your location in the up coming fields. Give your location by writing your country, city and province in the fields next provided. Add your location in the next blank fields and in the fields after this location field, you will have to give the ZIP code of you location.
  • After you have finished the whole information giving process completely, you can have the facility to take the survey question page by the company on the basis of which you will be entered to the scheme of winning the prize coupon and gift vouchers.
  • Give your survey at the page by answering all the questions and forward the survey to the company. You will be automatically get enrolled to the prize winning facility after wards.

About Company:

Burger King’s Family Food is the famous fast food chain in the entire state. Besides providing good quality food and drinks they also have launched many facilities with which their customers can get many prizes and gift hampers by availing the food services of the company.

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