Buy TreadClimber And Get A 15% Off To Reduce Your Fats 50 Times More

Brow Flex is the brand name of the TreadClimber. It is a brand for a series of exercise machines which are used for strength training and cardio training which are marketed and sold by Nautilus. They are primarily sold through the use of infomercials. The designer for these machineries is Tessema Dosho Shifferaw. They were produced and designed in 1986.These machines are very much effective and are designed with each and every detail to provide the perfect goal to their customers.

About TreadClimber?

The TreadClimber is a cardio machine which is very much similar to the Treadmill but it is very much distinct too because of the two independent walking surfaces like pedals which are called “freadles” instead of one walking runaway which is rotating around a motor. Due to its distinct design the TreadClimber is claimed to be capable of burning 50 times more calories than any other exercise machines.

The TreadClimber is the design which is made by the combination of Stair Climber and the Treadmill that is why it is named as the TreadClimber. Its freadles are like the stairs and they move up and down like the person is climbing stairs but they also act like a runaway for running just like on a treadmill that is why a TreadClimber is capable of burning twice the number of calories.

How To Get 15% Off While Buying A Treadclimber?

Essential requirements:

1-      You need to be living in a metropolitan area.

2-      You need to have an internet access because the 15% off offer is only valid for the online buyers.


1-      Go to .

2-      Remember the promotional code provided in the front of the page.

3-      Choose from different models of the TreadClimber. Select and decide your favourite model.

4-      Click on “Add to the Cart” option of the model which you have selected and type the promotional code.

5-      Go to “Check Out”.

6-      Fill out your shipping address and make sure that you fill it accurately.

7-      Choose the way of your payment.

8-      Get 15% off and the shipping service completely free and enjoy using your TreadClimber.

You will get your package in a few days and make sure that it is the accurate model that you have ordered and also don’t forget to give the feedback on the website once you start using your TreadClimber and start to observe its good results.


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