Join Capital One Canada HBC Authentication Online

Now have the facility for HBC credit card authentication with online process. Follow the steps below.


  • You must have a credit card with you issued by the company as you will be in a need to fill out some details related to your credit card.
  • The entire authentication process is made and forwarded online, so you must have to go to the link which belongs to authentication procedure for moving further. The link is .
  • After entering to above link, you need to fill some mandatory information to be filled for the authentication. Company will need to know your personal basic information related to your occupation and your payment credit card.
  • Give your “Card Number” in the field given. After filling this field, give the name of the “Employer Name” in the field below the Credit Card Number field. Write the “Occupation” in the next filed to be filled out.
  • You will supposed to give the entire information which is asked in the page and you can not move further if you have any of the filed left empty on the page.
  • Giving the correct information, click on the button located on the end of the page named as “Continue”.
  • After clicking to this button you will move to the next step of the authentication process, in which you are supposed to give the information of your Identity Security. Fields are given in which you will have to enter your data asked by the company. All the fields are requisite to fill and should not be left empty.
  • After completing the page of Identity Security Information, you will have to click on the button below the page labeled as “Continue”.
  • You will receive the confirmation page after wards which will show as a sign that you have completed the entire authentication process successfully. This will only give to you if you have done the previous process successfully and have given your correct information asked by the company.

About Company:

It has launched to create many good and reliable solutions of finance and banking, in corporation with other working banks in the state. It has developed many good efforts to build up customers trust after giving best banking and credit cared facilities and many bank chains are also cooperating with the company for having good performance. If you are also a regular customer of the company then you can get many opportunities to have trustable financial solutions and their attainment and establishment with online facilities.

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