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For any individual who has ever been out of a job for a prolonged period of time, the following saying no doubt rings true: Searching for a job is a job in itself.

Truth be told, economies of many countries are on recession. With the smart guys who talk about economic forecasting using words such as “ …it will get worse before it gets better’’ to describe the outlook on the economy, one could be forgiven if they basically threw their hands in the air, and forgot about searching for a job.

That approach is wrong, that approach, dear reader, could even be fatal to your self esteem, and even in the literal sense of the world. If you are in the market for a job, then your success or failure in this venture is hinged on a four letter word – plan. There are a number of ways that you could deploy your plan at job hunting, but this article will focus on just one – depositing your resume in a data bank. In the world of job data banks there are a number of entities that are first among equals; one such entity is the portal Career Builder.

Guideline On Registering At Career Builder

The discerning reader can probably see where all this is heading to; yes, the article is basically intended to offer a guideline on how to deposit your resume on this online data bank. The process is expounded on below:

  • Foremost, ensure that you visit the following website – – this is the official website of the data bank;
  • On the main web page, click on the sign up link that is located on the top right hand side of the page;
  • On the new window that opens up, you have the option of either signing up or registering as a member – click on the former;
  • You will be required to fill a data field- this data field is basically divided into three groups (a section that requires personal information – your name, e-mail address, and so on an area that requires you to furnish your contact information; and lastly, your area of interest and your level of education;
  • Click on the register button and in one fell swoop; you have an online presence that is designed to give you some degree of leverage with respect to searching out for a job.


It is important to note that you need to know that filling your resume on some online portal is but a single part of the tough battle it takes to get a job. You will be required to network skillfully, you will need to sharpen your skill sets, and you might even have to have an open mind – expand your job search to incorporate possibilities such as volunteering, and even entering into a new career line that you might never have conceived off. Once you have done all these, then you can be at peace with yourself however things pan out.

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