Register CHASE My Account To Enjoy Various Benefits

If you have an account at Chase Bank, then it is probably time that you mulled upon one of their products. Online banking is what this article is all about.

Advantages Of Online Banking:

There are three distinct advantages that come when you elect to go the online banking route; paperless statements; account alerts; and online bill payments are the three distinct advantages that are borne when you elect to go the route of online banking. These advantages are expounded upon below.

  • Online Bill payment – This is a payment option that spares you of the hassle of writing out a check. It is an ideal option for paying utility bills, car payments, rent and mortgages. All the client needs to do is basically schedule a one of payment or a repeating payment, and the bank guarantees that these payments will be delivered on time;
  • Account alerts – When you go the option of online banking, you get the advantage of constantly being kept abreast on any activity that touches upon your account. Apart from information regarding your bank balance, and transaction the other information that you get alerted on include ATM withdrawals that exceed your limits, a change of your online ID or password; and lastly when your mailing address has been updated;
  • Paperless statements – The online banking route has an advantage over conventional banking in the sense that you receive your statements online – there is a twofold advantage in this; foremost, no single individual can go through your statements when it comes via mail, and second, you can get up to seven years of statements via this route.

Registering The Online Process:

All the above options are available to you, if you only get to register for the online banking option. The online banking option is open to those who already have an account with Chase Bank; the road that you need to travel to register is expounded on below

  • Your first port of call is on the following link –
  • On the home page, there is an active link tagged Log In or Enroll, click on it;
  • Click on the enroll link;
  • There is a six step process that you need to walk through in the enrollment process- Identification, Identification code, password, legal agreements, services, and confirmation; click on the save button when you ate through with the process.

The entire process is supposed to take under ten minutes; when you are through however you stand to reap handsomely from all the advantages that online banking has the option of conferring upon its members.


Chase Bank is regarded as one of the top tier banks globally based on asset size and product diversity; this is a bank that subscribes to the notion that the customer is king and thus ventures like online banking that are meant to ensure that your life as a customer is in every way made comfortable. Try out the online banking route, and bear testimony to the pedigree that Chase Bank has to offer.

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