Be Part Of The Cici’s Pizza Guest Loyalty Survey

It goes without saying that in the world of business, you are only as good as the impression that you give your clients. It is for this reason that many smart businesses will constantly try to ensure that they are on the right side of their clients feelings. Cici Pizza is one such business and to ensure that the entity is on the same page with its clients the entity is conducting a survey using its customers as a sounding board of sorts.

Cici restaurant is the brand name of an American buffet chain that is based in Texas. The main selling point of this chain is that all variants of Pizza that are sold here retail for the sum of $ 5. This family oriented franchise has around six hundred franchises and corporate owned restaurants in some 35 states across the United States. The entity offers in excess of 200 pizza varieties and a wide variety of pasta, desserts, as well as every kind of salad that you can possibly imagine of. To enroll for the survey, the road that you need to walk is as follows:

Guidelines on submitting for Cici Pizza loyalty survey:

  • The first step lies in logging onto the appropriate website here you will be required to put down your store number on your survey invitation.
  • You will be directed to a portal where there are a number of websites that deal with issues pertaining to Cici Pizza. These websites range in complexity from redeeming bonuses, to giving reviews on what is needed , franchises, such like stuff;
  • You, dear reader, are mostly interested in the idea of partaking in the loyalty customer survey and that is the link that you essentially have to log on to. Log on to the necessary link and the details that you will need to key in include the specific restaurant that you are commenting upon.

Integrity Of The Website:

The portal where you register as well as making your review is as secure as can be. A cursory glance at reviews across blogosphere will definitely augment that statement. A good portal is important in the sense that it basically ensures the integrity of the entire process and consequently you do not run the risk of having the entire process being useless. This is the long and short of the matter.


The significance of a customer survey cannot be gainsaid. For those clients who possibly think that they stand to waste time when they partake in this survey they need to look at two ways in which they benefit – foremost, they get to vent any possible frustrations that they might possibly have, and second they are in essence ensuring that in future they have a rather pleasant outing when they visit any Cici Pizza restaurant. It is this philosophy where the customer is always king that has ensured that this brand has scooped virtually every award that one can think of in the hospitality industry. Make us serve you better, tale the Cici Pizza Guest Loyalty Survey today.

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