Register To Pay Water Bill Online At Chicago Department Of Revenue

There were long lines of stress fully long span of times and people were forced to undergo the boring and tiresome process of paying bills after going to the nearest local office and then waiting for hours and hours for their turn. The Chicago department has however taken great steps to omit this problem by innovating the online bill payments and introducing the facility for their users so that they can pay bills by just sitting at their homes while enjoying a cup of tea.

Why The Online Bill Payment Service?

The era in which we are living is the era of the cyber world and even if everyone is not having their own internet access facility at least they have it nearby them from which they can facilitate themselves quite easily and that is why everyone can pay their bills now by staying at homes or their work places without even having to drive from fierce traffic just to pay a bill monthly.

How To Register To Pay Water Bill Online At Chicago Department Of Revenue?


1-      You must have a computer.

2-      You must have an internet access.

3-      You must be a citizen of Chicago.

4-      You must have a valid credit card.


1-      Go to the Chicago Department of Revenue official website.

2-      Click on quick links button marked “Pay Water Bill”.

3-      If you are a first user you must click on “Register now”.

4-      Select the type of the registration and to manage it click on “Individual Profile”.

5-      Then click on “Continue”.

6-      Choose an ID along with password and give the required personal behavior.

7-      Visit the water payments portal again.

8-      Give the personal service info and Go to the water payments portal again.

9-      Now you only enter to ID, Password and your Supply

10-  Pay your bills online easily.

In Case Of Any Help?

In case of any confusion or complexity you can go to FAQs and surely you need the failing to my sentences.

What other services can you get by your  mistake. You can pay the seven days bills

1-      You can easily apply for its notifications on your cell phone number.

2-      You can pay and file your taxes online.

3-      You can view your previous transaction history easily.

4-      You can pay your bills online.

5-      You can easily switch on its notifications of T.V and get great messages or e-mails to find you

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