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Known as one of the best shoemakers in Great Britain since 1825, Clark’s enjoys a special standard and place among the Britons, and now the world. This company has nearly 450 retail shops in the United Kingdom and 350 Retail stores in the United States alone, and this is definitely not the end of the road. Clark’s are further expanding their approach towards European countries and have around 1400 stores all around the globe according to a survey at the end of the year 2011. They worked with well-known retail chains across the globe on wholesale, like Macy’s in the United States, John Lewis and Brantano in Great Britian, El Corte Ingles in Spain, Humanic in Germany, and Belle in China.

Even if the approach to these stores is difficult, Clark’s has the solution for that problem. They have launched online stores, containing nearly every variety of shoes and wholesale products that Clark’s manufactures. The customers can get those delivered to their home as well as to the nearest Clark’s franchise.

Another measure of the popularity of Clark’s is definitely their exquisite quality, a level of comfort unlike any other shoe-manufacturing company. Along with that, the hospitable nature of the employees and staff is renowned throughout the world. This is so because the top priority of Clark’s is to keep their customer satisfied. To make sure their customer is satisfied, by the variety, quality and services, Clark’s has launched a special Clark’s customer Survey, which is available to nearly everyone on the planet.

The pre-requisites of filling it are simple:

  • An internet connection.
  • A computer.
  • You must have had an experience of buying a Clark’s product.

The steps of filling it are even simpler:

  • Go to
  • Fill in your respective state or country.
  • Fill the receipt number as it appears.
  • The questionnaire will appear.
  • Fill the questions according to your desire and correctly.
  • Submit the survey, along with a few personal details.
  • Your valued opinions are submitted.

Surveys like these are simply designed to increase the reputation of Clark’s as the most customer friendly company in the States, Britain and all around the world. The customer’s opinion means a lot to this company and they surely, improve themselves accordingly. No other company provides this facility to its customers, thus proving the fact that this company has survived the test of time since 1825.

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