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If you are a parent or guardian, you will inevitably have to get around that difficult discussion on what games your child can play in the online world without endangering their safety. If you are shopping around for one such game, the name that you do well to remember is Club Penguin.

A Brief Overview Of Club Penguin:

Club Penguin is a multi player online game that has a number of games and activities in the virtual world. This game is published by New Horizon Interactive, and at the beginning of the decade the game had a total of some 30 million user accounts. Free membership is open to the public, but two things are to be noted here regarding that point – first paid membership is encouraged to facilitate the maintenance of the games infrastructure, and secondly paid members have access to certain facets of the game.

The main advantage that a paid member has over a non paid member is the fact that for one they are able to purchase furniture, in house pets, and clothing using a virtual currency. The game that is primarily targeted at gamers who are aged between the ages of 6 -14 is attractive from a safety point of view in that for one it has a filtering level that is superb. Gamers do not make comments on cue; rather the comments that gamers maker is picked from a pre selected menu, and this prevents incidences of cussing or even revealing personal information.

The gist of the games here are set against a backdrop of a pre –winter set up and players use a number of avatars to interact with their fellow online players. The question that many a parent might be asking at this point is this: Just how do I get onboard of all this?

Guidelines On Registering:

  • Your first port of call should be the following hyper link –
  • Click on the active link tagged Club Membership;
  • Click on the tag buy membership; there are three membership bouquets available to you: a one month, six months, and twelve month bouquet, select the one that matches what you want;
  • You will need to select an avatar for your child, and after you do so click on the save button. The signing up process requires that you furnish the administrators with your e-mail address as well as your credit account number.

As stated from the outset of this article the safety of your child whilst they are online is of the outmost importance. It is because of this reason that the developers of this game went overboard to ensure that your child does not fall prey to any sort of predator in the online world. It is also important to note that the publishers of this game -New Horizon Interactive – were earlier in the year acquired by Walt Disney and this can only mean that with value addition being on the horizon you will basically have the opportunity to enjoy even greater gaming experiences in the not so distant future. Sign up today.

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