How You Can Use COMPASS Services?

Georgia COMPASS is the online service which is provided by the department for human services so that the residents of Georgia can easily apply for the benefits which are employment, financial and food aid along with the health aid.


  1. You must have a computer along with an internet access.
  2. You must have your personal as well as the financial information.
  3.  You must have the legal residency for the State of Georgia.

Step By Step Guide:

1-      Click on the link and you will be directed to the homepage of the Georgia COMPASS website.

2-      Now you must select the button “Am I eligible?” To find out that do you qualify to get the benefits or not.

3-      If you are eligible then you must scan the material of introduction thoroughly and once you get the material in your mind then select the option which is marked as “Continue”

4-      Now you must select on the “Next” option but before you have to chose the type of services along with benefits which suits you the most and you wish to apply for them and you will choose them by placing a tick on the respected boxes.

5-      Now provide your financial and your personal information in the respected fields where required.

6-      Once you have provided the information then select the option “Next”.

7-      Now finish the evaluation process for the eligibility criteria and view the kind of benefits for which you can apply.

8-      Now go back to the homepage of COMPASS.

9-      Once you are directed to the homepage then select the option “Apply for the Benefits”

10-  Chose the option marked as “Start a new application” and then select the “Next” option.

11-   Mention your county, family and financial information and then select the option “Calculate”.

12-  Create your account by providing your User Id along with the password along with the security question and its answer.

13-  Accept the terms of uses and the agreement and your account is created.

14-  Now log in to your account by entering your ID and the password.

15-  Select the program for benefits and provide the required information required by the COMPASS and select “Next”

16-  Once you have provided the information required related to your financial assets, personal and regarding your current location then submit your application.

17-  Your task is completed for now and you will be contacted by the dept. of Georgia COMPASS.

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