Check Your Flight Status At Continental United Airlines

Are you a frequent flier? Is United Airlines your Airline of choice?  If your answer to the preceding two questions is yes, then this article is specifically tailored for you, read on.

A Brief Overview On Continental United Airlines

Fliers on Continental United Airlines can check updates on their flight status thanks to a portal that has been developed by Continental United Airlines. Your first port of call will have to be via a subscription to a flight status notification subscription.  This portal can be accessed from both open source software as well as closed source software – meaning it is accessible to the public from the general internet and the firm’s inner intranet. The road that you will need to travel to get subscription is expounded on below:

How To Sign Up For Continental United Airlines

  • Foremost, log on to the official site following;
  • On the window that opens there is an active link tagged flight status notification subscription, tap on it;
  • On the window that pops up, you will have the option of either signing in or registering for subscription, click on the hyper link that is tagged Enroll Online Instantly;
  • The enrollment data field that you will need to fill out includes the following areas:  contact address, e-mail address, a personal identification number, and a user name and a password.
  • At the end of this process, you will be required to key in the enroll button, when you key in the button, you are in effect signed up and you are good to go in so far as matter(s) regarding  enrollment is concerned.

More On United Airlines is one half of the amalgamation that forms what is referred to as United Continental Holdings, the other half of this amalgamation is represented by United Express. Under the United Continental Holdings, a total of 5,656 flights depart and arrive from different hubs daily. These flights take off from hubs in Texas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, and Guam (to name but a few) to over 376 airports across six continents that United Continental Holdings operates within and without. In the last year United Airlines operated more than 2 million flights carrying in excess of some 142 million passengers worldwide. These numbers are a definite testimony to the fact that this company is the preferred mode of travel for many a globe trotter the world over – numbers that a traveler who values both their time and money should seriously pore through.

There are many positives that can be harped upon with regard to matters regarding Continental United Airlines, the article will be brief or rather humble in the sense that not all positives will be listed; the positives read as follows : For one, this is an airline that covers the world’s most comprehensive airline network; this is an airline with a global route network that is practically unmatched; and  lastly, this is an airline with the best air booking records in North America, this is an airline that you definitely need to do business with; sign up for the subscription and get your moneys’ worth as a consumer.

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