How To Use Corrlinks Email Service?

Do you want to send email messages to your lovers locked up in jail? It was not possible few years before but now it has become possible due to CorrLinks. You can communicate with your friends and relatives who are in jail through CorrLinks email service efficiently. Therefore CorrLinks solved a big problem of people in the united state. It was very difficult to meet with people in the jail due to security reasons but now communication between prisoners and their lovers has become easy and convenient due to invention of CorrLinks email service. This system was founded by federal bureau to make the communication between prisoners and their relatives. The messages sent by prisoners and inmates are screened by the prison to avoid from any problem later. The CorrLinks email service takes only few hours to deliver the message to recipient after screening process. You can send only text messages to your friends but you cannot send the pictures and symbols to them. Only exchange of text messages is allowed in this service. It is great service for prisoners because they can send important messages about their condition to their family. Now it is not necessary for waiting for new letters from prisoner or family. CorrLinks email service takes only few hours to deliver the message. You should know that it is not a free service instead it is charged but it is very low.

It is not difficult to use the service of CorrLinks instead it is very easy and simple. If you have basic computer information then you use the CorrLinks service easily. A specific code is required to start this process at CorrLinks and code is provided by staff. If you have got this code then you can easily sign up for email service. Therefore the first step is to get sign up code.  You can communicate only with email address that was sent to you. You cannot communicate any other person in the world. Similarly you cannot send messages to cellular phone service. The identification code is very important for this process and once you have got the identification code then you can start the process. You can copy this identification no to required place.  Once you have provided the code then you can click on CorrLinks to start communication. Once you have got CorrLinks website then you can easily register yourself if you are a new user. The registration is very necessary for new users of CorrLinks service. The process of registration is very simple and you will get one page. You need to provide information related to your name, postal code and email address. You should select a unique password for this process to that you can keep your communication safe and secure.

Once you have created your account then you should wait for 30 minutes for approval process of your request.  Therefore during this period of time you can perform some important activities like you can check your email. After the approval process you can sign in to your email by using your ID and password. You can check the received messages from your family members. You can also create a message for your relatives in the same manner. It is not allowed to use the pictures and photos in the email message instead you can use the text messages only. The messages will be scanned by the prison security system then they will deliver to recipient. Therefore prisoner can send secret information related to jail and crimes. The CorrLinks email service is available in English and Spanish languages therefore it is very easy to use by the people. You can select any language to create message. Most of the people in the jail use the English version instead Spanish version because it is better and easy to write. The CorrLinks email service is not free instead it charges some cost. The cost of message varies and it depends upon some factors like size of message and recipient. In most cases this message charge only 0.25 dollar per message.

How To Sign Up For Corrlinks Email Service?

You should have inmate email address and funds in your CorrLinks account for communication. You should follow these steps

  1. Visit CorrLinks email website and add your password
  2. Add inmate email address to whom you want to send message
  3. Click inbox then select compose message
  4. Send message to select inmate
  5. If you want to set your message alerts then you should choose account management section

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  3. Federal Bureau Of Prisons FAQs:

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  • May 24, 2018

    Dave Cress

    I keep trying to get on the corrlinks email service and it says my email address is invalid

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