Listen To Your Grocery To Participate In Cub Listens Survey!!

A great chain of grocery retailer is named as Cub Listens. It has about 73 stores since 1968 in Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin. They have a very strong repute in providing baked goods, dairy, seafood, meat, frozen foods and snacks etc. They are highly praised and are preferred on the other stores but still they are ready to listen about the ways in which they can improve their quality and the new ideas on which they can act to improve their stores. That is why they have started taking surveys about their food quality and the environment of their stores through carefully selected questions. To make sure that more and more people take the survey they have joined the scheme of sweepstakes to win the$100 Cub Listens gift card.

How To Make Sure That I Am Eligible For The Survey?

The most important requirements:

The most important requirements are very basic and there is no need to think hard about them.

1-You have to be a resident of the United States and wherever the stores of the Cub Listens are present.

2-You have to make sure that you are a18 or above the age of 18 otherwise you will not be entered in the contest. This point is added in about all the surveys because the company wants the evaluations of the survey true and completely based on the experience that you had while shopping in their stores so that they can have true opinion about it and they can make the improvements and bring new changes accordingly so to avoid the survey becoming a child’s play this condition is necessary.

3-You need to have a computer and internet access in hand so that you can easily visit the website to rake part in the survey.

4-You need to have a receipt of Cub Listens latest shopping.

The main procedure:

The proper procedure to go through the survey is very easy and step by step thing to do and it is composed of some carefully selected questions for the improvement of the company.

1-Select the language in which you want to take the survey.

2-Click on “Begin Survey”

3-Enter and type the receipt code which you have from the store after the shopping.

4-Click Next and start answering the questions of the survey honestly which are specially based on the most recent shopping experience an to ensure that you have recently shopped from the Cub Listens store you have to have that receipt and its code will be asked from you before starting the survey.

5-After the survey your data will be required and then you have to submit your survey and your work is done.

The variety and quality of the Cub Listens is always appreciated and that is why they are always ready to improve it too increase the ratio of their customers and to ensure that they are satisfied by their environment which they experience in the stores and they get all the things which they need in perfect condition so that there is no room for complains.

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