PA Career Link’s Service Guide To Find A Job

Pennsylvania CareerLink is a career services collaborative project to Pennsylvania employers, potential employers and others by multiple agencies. It takes only a few minutes to find job when you have provided the website with your correct information which is also a very short and easy process. You can find the job of your interest, multiple ways to potential positions and jobs, you can easily build a connection with future employers, you can check employers profile, display your resume, and you can have all the access to various tools to enhance your skills and to maintain your CV etc. The PA career link works under the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. Their access points and offices are present in every one of 67 Pennsylvania counties and their services are offered free of charge. Its main goal is to provide a connection between the employees and the employer unlike any other job seeking services which provide employees with temporary jobs or give them the access to all the available jobs. Its different offices working in different fields interconnected with each other are county and area workforce investment corporations, Pennsylvania’s 29 different intermediate units, office of vocational rehabilitation, office of unemployment compensation and Pennsylvania State Civil Service Commission.


1-      Different developing agencies and small scale business can upload the job openings present in their firms.

2-      People who are seeking jobs can easily look through these positions and can read the details and the job package from these firms easily.

3-      They can easily apply for these jobs which are according to their state and filed and can also send or upload their CVs or resume for the employers.

4-      They can also view the resumes of other applicants to grade themselves and to check out the possibility for them to get that respected job.

5-      Most of the users or employees can get the applications for job directly via PA Career Link website.

6-      It makes a connection and provides the means of communication between employers and employees.

7-      It also provides access to the Pennsylvania State Civil Service Commission

How To Find A Job At PA Career Link’s Help?


1-      You need a computer with an internet access.

2-      You need a good and impressive CV.

Step By Step Guide:

1-      Click on the Pennsylvania’s Career Link


2-      Provide the criteria of your job search and the information about occupation, location plus other optional demands or essentials to fill the form.

3-      Now click on the button marked “Search” and the website will start searching jobs for you according to the information you have provided.

4-      Now click on the button marked “View Job Cart” and you will get a clear view of the potential jobs searched or found by the engine for you.


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