Guide To Renew An Illinois License Plate Online

The cyberdriveillinois is the online service by Jesse White who is the Secretary of the State at Illinois.


1-      You must have a computer along with an internet access.

2-      You must have a notice of renewal along with the number of registration and it’s PIN.

3-      You must have the essential details which are like the name of the company from which you are insured or from which you have taken the insurance for a specific thing, your policy number along with the date of expiration.

4-      You must have an account so that you can issue checks or you must be an owner of a internationally accepted credit card which enables you to pay for anything online.

5-      If you want to take benefit from this service then you are unable to take part in the program of the Circuit Breaker.

Step By Step Guide:

1-      Click on the link and you will be directed to the website of the cyberdriveillinois.

2-      Select the option “License Plate Renewal” by clicking it.

3-      Scan the instructions and the essential requirements thoroughly.

4-      Once you have read them then select “Renew Now” option to click.

5-      You must have received a notice of renewal in the mail and this notice will be having the ID for the registration and the number of PIN so that you can apply online. Provide both these numbers in the required fields and once you have provided it into the respected fields then select the “Continue” option by clicking on it.

6-      You will be needed to provide your insurance information and as well as your personal information.

7-      Once you have provided the information the select the way in which you will pay and then provide the information about your billing.

8-      Once you have completed the procedure then print out the receipt of the payment for a proof that you have paid for your new plate.

9-      Now wait patiently and your new license plate will reach to you by mail.


In case you require any help or if you have any kind of query regarding the procedure to renew your license plate in the State of Illinois then you must refer to the FAQs page by clicking on the link: and your problem will be solved easily.

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