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Pharmacy is a medical profession in which pharmacist play an important role in the proper health care of the patients with proper use of medication. By keeping in mind the patient’s health and wellness, pharmacist often gave prescriptions which was mainly based on the drug use. Pharmacists are drug experts and they know about their biological and physical properties. Therefore before prescribing the medication on the use of drugs they ensure the patients about the drug purity and its strength. They also mentioned the quantity of drugs. Usually these drugs are controlled drugs which pharmacists prescribe to their patients. Most of the prescribed drugs produce narcotic that has adverse effects on the body so, the Federal CSA gives authority to Drug Enforcement Administration for maintaining national drug schedule. That’s why this department provides online service to the medicines retailer and medicines shop to keep themselves aware of the misuse of drugs.

How To Renew?

  • If you are already registered on their website page and your registration is expiring then you can renew your application with the help of this website “”. Click on this website to renew your application.
  • The option of “Quick Link” is given on the left side of the page from where you will find the link of “Renew Application Online”.
  • You can renew your application whether online or offline. It depends on you.
  • To start the process, you will click on the option of “Log In To Begin Renewal Process”. Then a form will appear in which you type your “DEA Number”, “Business Regarding Information”, “SSN” and “Tax Id” accordingly.
  • Also mentioned your “Expiration Date” of the last form. Then click on “log in “option”.
  • Next enter “State” and “Zip Code” of the location.
  • The next step is that you will give information about your state license and will fill the schedule of 225 and 510.
  • Next provide them active and valid state license.
  • You have to provide your background status information by following the instructions.
  • Then for the renewal process pay your payment via credit card or debit card.
  • In the end you will get confirmation message about your renewal.


Through this application all the organizations that import, export and manufacture drugs related to health care are under the authority of this company. It means all the prescribed drugs are registered and are safe to use. The main aim of this agency is to protect or prevent the world from abusive or illegally use of drugs.

About Agency:

Drug Enforcement Agency is a United States federal law enforcement agency which works under controlled substance schedules. This agency was established in 1973. This agency is responsible for the enforcement of drug laws.

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