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Surveys give people the chance to earn great money and grand prizes. Companies provide people the facility to take part in their surveys so that they can come to know what their customers think about them. They expect their customers to give honest answers and reviews to them. In their surveys they design such questions which can be easily understood by each and every person. You can easily win 1500 pounds weekly by taking part in the survey. They allow their customers to win cash prize after finishing their survey. For providing your answers and winning cash prize follow the below instructions.


  • To start the survey you need to visit the following web page i.e. .
  • You will need to enter your unique “survey entry code” and then click the ‘enter’ button.
  • They will ask you to choose the language in which you would like to take part in the survey.
  • Tell them the exact timings and store location which you visited.
  • Look at the date from your receipt and then write it in the relevant field. After this, click the ‘next’ button.
  • They will display their questionnaire in front of you. Answer each of the questions honestly and you will not be allowed to skip any of the questions.
  • Give them rating about each of the product they provide.
  • Tell them how their employees behaved with you and whether you received the services according to your expectations or not.
  • Give them your complete contact details in which you need to give mobile number; phone number, and residential address, business address will be included.
  • Also give them your email address. They ask such details from you so that if you win the cash prize they can contact you and send you.
  • Click the finish button in the end.


It is the perfect way of expressing your liking or disliking regarding Company. Within a very short time you can earn large sum of money. They will appreciate this act of yours.

About Company:

This is a multinational retailing departmental store in United Kingdom. They also have their store chains in Ireland, Denmark and few other countries. It was established in 1778. They provide fashion clothing, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, home and furniture, electrical equipments, gifts and toys to their customers.

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