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By conducting and offering the survey facility by the Company, they want to get the idea that what their customers like the most about the store and customer handling team and fabrics quality which is available at the store. Further more, the company also wants to get amendments in the menu items by keeping accordance with the company’s regular customers and their choices.


  • If you are interested in giving your valuable suggestions and opinions at survey in order to get a chance of winning 1000 pounds cash prize or to win an ipod then you must redirected your self first at this link. .
  • After having the resulted page of the above mentioned link, you can see some formalities to be given to the company as per the requirements of the survey scheme. You will be needed to give a survey code and enter it in to the given fields below of the page.
  • You can locate this 12 digit unique code on the bill payment receipt from the company’s store. After you will make a purchase from the company and pay all your dues, you will get this payment receipt containing survey entry code printed in to it which you will be needed to enter.
  • This process is necessary for the purpose to make sure that you are a valued customer of the company and you can give fruitful and beneficial advice and suggestions to the company in survey process.
  • Enter a valid code in the fields given. After entering you must click on the button named as “Enter” located below.
  • You will only proceed next after entering a valid and correct code. As a next step, you will be asked about the survey process questions. These are specially designed question gathered by survey team of the company’s store asked to maintain the product quality standard of the company.
  • You are supposed to answer the entire questionnaire keeping in mind your experience with the company’s purchase.  After completing the survey submit your survey to the company for further processing.
  • After giving your survey, you will be automatically nominated in the scheme of the company o win a chance to get 1000 pounds or an ipod.

About Company:

In the list of the most popular and quality giving departmental stores, this is also included. The store in spreading its business by providing many chains all over the United Kingdom and retailing the fine quality produces.

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