Guide To Use DELLConnect For Computer Troubleshooting

Since its inception in 1984 Dell Inc. has become one of the largest developer, distributor and support provider for computer software, computer systems, related and peripheral products. Originating in USA, it has now become one of the few big players in the IT industry.

About Company

Trouble shooting the computer system can be a hectic exercise for people with minimal technical knowledge. Identifying this problem Dell has developed an online remote access tool called Dell Connect. It is software that was developed as a online support tool to customers and users of the Dell products. The software once downloaded can allow a certified Dell representative to use remote access to monitor your computer system configuration, review and edit the files, do trouble shooting and suggest solution to the problem.

How To Use Dell Connect For Trouble Shooting?

Who Can Use Dell Connect

  1. To be able to enjoy the Dell Connect services the computer owner must have purchased a Dell hardware or software piece from Dell. The utility does not provide support to users of pirated copy of software.
  2. The computer owner should know the service Tag on your Dell PC.
  3. On multi user systems and network the facility can be used from the server.

Step By Step Guide 

  1. Go to Dell connect Website at Dell website
  2. Now choose your preferred method of support like chat session, phone call to representative at Dell.
  3. Read the terms and conditions page with your technician and press I Agree to authorize installation/ running of the Dell Connect software at your PC.
  4. When you contact any representative at Dell Connect you will be provided with a code number.
  5. Enter your session’s unique code number on the “text box” and Click ‘GO”.
  6. Choose install or run as per requirement when prompted.
  7. Begin your Dell Connect Session.
  8. Keep track of all the activities the representative is performing
  9. If you disagree to any action you can terminate the session by clicking the X box on top right of the screen.


Important Tips

  • Dell Control sessions will be monitored and recorded for quality control management.
  • The Dell Inc. reserves the right to disclose any illegal activity discovered during the dell connect session to any law enforcement agencies.
  • Never allow any export of the software components unless such export is authorized.

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