Get Score Card Membership At Dick’s Sporting Goods

Now with Dick’s Sporting Goods, you can have a free membership for score card reward program. The score card reward program is basically that you can earn points on purchasing goods form there and add points to your reward. From every dollar you spend on it you can have points to your account. From those points, you can win cash. For each 300 points you score, you can have a score card reward of $10, which is a great offer.


  •  For its score card program you will have to get membership for that.
  • To enroll for you membership, you can visit to the site .
  •  At the home page, you can find “Score Card” option there.
  • By clicking it, you will redirect to the page of Score Card where you can have further information and benefit of the reward program.
  • On the page, you can easily find “Signup now” button.
  • By clicking this button, an enrollment form will be presented to you.
  •  You can fill out all your requested information into the form.
  • This option is for those users who are new at the site and don’t have an account there.
  • If you have already account, you can use the “Existing Member Online Account Registration Page”.

Benefits And Tips:

  • To get Score Card membership is absolutely free for score card reward program.
  • There is a chance of getting $10 each, for the 300 points you score, just by getting membership of the score card reward program.
  • Many opportunities are also there for getting bonus as well. These are valid just by liking Sporting Goods on face book, following them on twitter, or logging into your account buy the Goods app.
  • If you are a member of Sporting Goods score card reward program, you will have a chance of getting discount coupons on purchasing items from the company. The coupons can be awarded via mail and email.
  • Fill your membership information form carefully and fill your information in appropriate fields.

About Company:

It is a well known provider of authenticated sports items world wide. They offer their customers to purchase the finest quality products and of branded trust so they can have best experience of sports items. Products are not only of trusted quality but also available with a rate much lower than the products available from other retailers. Their good quality and comparatively low price make them succeeded sports goods provider all over the world and from many years.

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