Use Direct Gov To Get British Driving License At 70

You can get now a newly issued driving license at the age of 70 by getting the help of British Driving Company by following these few steps below.


  • There are some prerequisites to apply for license the renewal process. For this, you must have your age 70 years or above.
  • You must have UK passport with you. This will be required as the information related to your UK passport will be necessary for the process.
  • For this purpose, you must have a license issued from the company, which has already expired, or which if it will be expired within 90 days. You can go through further terms and conditions applied by the company for issuing the license again by visiting the official web site of the company.
  • To make your renewed license from the British Driving Company, you will go through some steps which are conducted online so you must need to visit this link to have proper access to the process.
  • After going to that above written link, you will see a green colored button labeled as “Start Now”. Click it to begin the procedure.
  • At the next page, you will see some options for getting in to your online account. If you have already an online account on this very web site, then click on the first option named as “Log on”. If in case you are a new user of the web site then have a registration process, which will be available to you by clicking on the option “Register” at the end of the page.
  • After getting the next page, click on the option “Next” placed at the right.
  • You will be given a form like page which you have to fill out to get registered. Give your title, first name, last name, gender, date of birth and country. After completing the form, click on the “Next” button below.
  • After that on the next page, give your residential address and postal code. Click the “Next” button after wards.
  • As a next step, you will be asked to give your drive record. You will be asked your previous license details and other driving data. Click on the next button below.
  • Complete the entire registration process complexly and then Login with your own account on the web site.
  • File the application to get the renew license and then submit your application. You see the confirmation message which will show the submission of your application.

About Company:

British Driving Company is working very effetely on providing much beneficial service to the local public so that they can have a fine and ease citizen life. Driving issues, license issuing and their cancellation is made by the company.

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