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DirecTV (DTV) is USA first direct satellite broadcast service that began operations in 1994. Since then it has developed a customer base of over eighteen million people. The company owns largest fleet of satellites that receive broadcast from the company’s two broadcast channels in Colorado and California. As with any satellite TV service provider DirecTV also offers multi room installations, free local channels, free basic satellite programming for a few months and one HDR without any upfront fee. When compared to its closest market competitors DirecTV offers a larger HD Channel lineup and also has more HD spots channels.

What is DirecTV Online Account

DirecTV Online account is a very important utility offered by the subscription TV provider. An Online account is a 24/7 connection to the services of the DirecTV through internet.

Why Sign Up for Online Account with DirecTV

Signing up for online account with DirecTV will give a customer a more convenient way to control and manage their accounts. The customer can easily do all of the following through a simple click on the PC without having to pick up phone or send and receive mails.

  1. Manage his account through online statement view, online payment history view, Channel lineup, TV package   and equipment review online.
  2. Pay bills in paperless mode directly through their bank account or credit card,
  3. Customize his TV programming; for example upgrade of TV package and equipment.
  4. Reschedule installation appointments all through a single touch.
  5. Order movies and events etc.
  6. Type the URL in address bar of the browser.
  7. Hit “Create Account” at the top of the web page (in the blue header) beside ‘Sign In”.
  8. Provide email address and chose “No I am a DirecTV customer but I need a password”
  9. Hit “Create Account”.
  10. Provide personal details like zip code and residential address.
  11. Select account verification method and provide relevant details.
  12. Enter and confirm the password , chose security question and its answer, click “Finish”

Step By Step Process


When it comes to High Definition (HD) video quality the best satellite broadcast service provider is DirecTV. By signing up for online account with DirecTV the holder of a residential account with DirecTV can get convenient control and management of his account through a home PC. The online management of DirecTV account saves both time and effort.

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