DISH Network Online ID Registration Guide

Dish Network Corporation is a United States Satellite broadcaster which is commonly known as DISH which is proving the direct broadcast satellite services, Satellite television, audio programming, pay per view plus interactive television services for commercial and residential customers all around the United States having its corporate office in Englewood. It was founded in March 4 1996 and its head quarter is in Meridian Colorado, Unites States of America. It enables the clients and the customers to watch their programs on their compatible gadgets like PCs, tablets or smart phones.

What Are The Specifications Of The DISH Network Online ID Registration?

The DISH network has created the online facility for the customers that they can create their own online account to manage their DISH Network simply by logging into their online accounts.


1-    Enjoy more convenient service

2-    View your profile online

3-    View your Billing and programming.

4-    View your appointments and shipments plus your pay per view certificate

5-    View your offers, locks and referrals

6-    Enjoy broadcasting numerous movies, show dramas and recordings by DISH from your favorite gadget (which supports DISH broadcasting settings) from wherever you want to.

7-    Saves your time and energy both.

8-    You will never have to miss your favorite program again.

Step By Step Guide


1-      You need a computer with an internet access,

2-      You need to be a customer of the DISH.

3-      You need a 16 digit account number or a 10 digit receiver number.


1-      Click on the link and you will be directed to the Dish Network account website.

2-      Click on the link which mentions “Create Online ID” and then provide the 16- digit account number which will be present on your bill or the 10 digit receiver number on your system information screen.

3-      Once you have entered the required information then click on the button which is marked as “Continue”

4-      Now create your ID along with your password to from which you will access your DISH account.

5-      Once you have created your ID and your password then follow the instructions which appear on screen so that you can finish the process of your registration.

What If You Have Any Query About The DISH Network Registration?

If you have any complication or query regarding the DISH network then you can easily take help from the DISH Network Support.

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