Join Disney Sweepstakes To Win Exciting Prizes

If your kids watch Disney channel, then you must be aware of all the packages they offer for you. Now they present a chance to you to enter in the sweepstakes which is known by the name “Where’s the Bunny”. If you want to enter in it then it is very easy over internet. All the registered customers can now enter in the sweepstakes and can win different prizes. In these sweepstakes you can win the grand prize that is the tour of four days to Florida. You can have much fun with this. Hotels, airfares, access to ground transportation, magic and Animal Kingdom Park and much more could be gained in this. It is all easy for the one who have internet connection at their homes or offices. Visit the official website and everything is guided there on the site as well as for your ease we will elaborate the procedure in this guide.

Online procedure to enter in the sweepstakes is quite easy and you can complete this process in 5 to 10 minutes which is not a much time to spend.


  • To enter in sweepstakes visit this site
  • At the page opened you will be given your task and a green colored button “I accept” click on it to proceed.
  • On the next page there is a button “enter” click on it.
  • Log in to your account by clicking “enter now” button start providing your username and password.
  • If you are not registered then click on “Register Now”, select your age group mark on it and then start providing your personal and contact details here and get registered here.
  • Type the code you received in the package of Nesquik and press the button “submit”.
  • After this your have been entered in the sweepstakes of Where’s the Bunny. Wait until you get the news that you have won the sweepstakes.


Just for few minutes you can get a trip arranged by the channel and can have fun there with other little prizes. It’s all fun to get entered in to the sweepstakes. This is a quite easy procedure and there is nothing complicated to handle.

About Company:

The company was first introduced in 1923 by Roy Disney and Walt. They create cartoon characters for children and many animated movies have been produced by them. They aim to entertain their people by their productions.

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