Apply For Unemployment Compensation Benefits From Pennsylvania’s Department

It is a very big dilemma of our society that we start to consider our loved one’s as a burden on us if by ay accidental issue they become disabled or handicapped. We make it very hard for them to live in peace at our own houses and they feel themselves very pathetic at their current situation since we make them realize about their disabilities every day and every moment. To give an independent and an honorable life to the disables Pennsylvania department of Labor and Industry is providing the vocational rehabilitation to the unemployed disables so that they don’t have to live a life of embarrassment and shame..

Apply For Unemployment Compensation Benefits


1-      Go to the website for the unemployment claim if you are disabled.

2-      Click on the “Online service: on the left side of the page.

3-      Now click on :Applying for Unemployment Benefits”

4-      Now click on “File an Initial Claim” at the right side of the page.

5-      Read the instructions and the fill the questions carefully before applying.

6-      No click on “Click here to continue with the Application”.

7-      Enter your personal information in the field where they are required and then click on “Next” to move ahead.

8-      Complete the process by following each and every step and your application will be accepted soon.

9-      Now wait for their response and if you will be considered eligible then you will be provided with a suitable job.

The agency was established in 1913 and is a cabinet level agency to handle issues and office services.


1-      You need your social security number.

2-      Your address.

3-      Employ’s name.

4-      E-mail address and the ZIP Code.

5-      Your alien registration number if not a citizen of the United States.

6-      Your DD from 214 if you have served on active duty in the United States Military in the last two years.

The person can easily describe the requirements and the kind of job he wants according to his expertise and skills. He may also get an online job at his residence or a job which can easily be fulfilled by him and gives him a reasonable payment timely.

What To Do To Get Any Kind Of Informational Help?

To get the informational help or if you have any kinds of questions in mind then you can visit the FAQs section for informational assistance.

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  2. Compensation FAQs:


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