California Department Of Motor Vehicles Providing It All What a Driver Needs

When a person starts to drive he needs a lot of paper work so that he can be allowed legally to run his vehicle on the roads of a country and that is why about every country or state have a specific administration to handle this paper work so that the citizens don’t have to face any kind of problems and no one drives on the roads when he is not allowed legally so that there are less chances of accidents and there are less cases of injuries and traffic mishaps.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles is also fulfilling its job to provide all the help that a driver can get and to get him everything that he needs to drive his vehicle legally on the roads of California. The California Department of Motor Vehicles is the state agency responsible for the registration of motor vehicles and boats along with providing all the driving papers to citizens who are legally capable of driving them in the United State of California.

Functions And Responsibilities Of The California DMV

The California Department of Motor Vehicles provides the following basic necessary paper works to the citizens:

1-      Registration of motor vehicles and boats.

2-      Issuance of driver’s license.

3-      Regulating new car dealers, commercial cargo carriers, private driving schools, private traffic schools.

4-      Works with superior court of California.

It is the part of California Business, transportation and Housing Agency and its headquarter is in Sacramento and the local offices are present in every part of the states doing their duties and fulfilling their responsibilities actively. It has about 168 field offices.

Apply For The Services Of California DMV?


1-      You must be of 18 years or above.

2-      You must be a legal citizen of the United State of California.

3-      You must have the previous legal papers of your vehicle if you want a renewal.

4-      You must have passed the driving test.


By Online:

1-      Go to the official website of California Department of Motor Vehicles

2-      Click on the section of your requirement and point out your exact need by clicking on it.

3-      Download the form of your application which is to be submitted after providing all the information.

4-      Submit all your information which is required and wait while your application is being processed

5-      Provide your correct contact information so that they can reach you easily.


You can also submit your forms and details by visiting the location or office of the California Department of Motor Vehicles and also take help from the help line.

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