Renew Your Vehicle/Trailer Registration At Pennsylvania Department Of Transportation

It is possible for Pennsylvania residents to renew their vehicle registration online. This can be completed at a pennDOT online messenger or via email. To be able to renew the registration online, the applicant has to have their number plate, the title number, a credit card that is valid as well as insurance.

About The Pennsylvania Department Of Transport

The Pennsylvania department of transport, abbreviated PennDOT, is a transport issues overseer in Pennsylvania. The department is run under the administration of the transportation secretary in Pennsylvania. PennDOT currently supports more than 40,000 miles of the state highways and roads, approximately 25,000 bridges, and some recent road constructions. Online registration for motor vehicles and trailers in Pennsylvania has been possible since 2001. The citizens of Pennsylvania have been able to not only renew their vehicle/trailer registrations, but also their photo IDs and driving licenses.

The following vehicle registrations services can be completed online via the Pennsylvania transport department.

  • Changing the vehicle registration address.
  • Changing the address of the trailer registration.
  • Personalizing the availability of a license plate.
  • Renewing the vehicle’s registration.
  • Renewing registration of a trailer.
  • Requesting for a letter for registration restoration for your vehicle.

It is important to understand that the Pennsylvania legislature makes use of the teen and CDL 2001 license laws. If you are a busy person living in Pennsylvania and you cannot find time to visit the local transportation department offices to renew your vehicle’s registration, all you have to do is visit the PennDOT website and register online.

PennDOT has more than 1700 full agents as well card agents as with 400 of them being messengers online. Every one of these agents is controlled according to the laws and regulations. You will get online messenger throughout Pennsylvania.

To be able to complete the process there are instructions that need to be adhered to. They include:

  • Producing the first 8 title number digits.
  • Produce a plate license.
  • Have insurance information as well as the insurance company’s name, date of application and expiration date.
  • The driving license number.
  • A printer is required.
  • You require having a credit or debit card that is valid in case the transaction has a payable fee.

Renewal Process

  • Log in to the online vehicle service page.
  • You are provided with fields where you need to enter the 8 title digits and another field for the plate number.
  • Click on the login tab to be taken to your vehicle’s account.
  • Key in the license number belonging to the vehicle’s owner as well as the insurance information in the field provided. This is done on the registration page.
  • On the next fields, you are required to enter information pertaining to payment. Once you enter accordingly, you need to submit the details.
  •  Next, you will be supplied with a printable document or registration. Print it and keep it safe. The permanent registration document is sent later, mostly within ten working days to the address you provided.

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