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This is concerned with state tax laws and enforced tax to common people residency, property owners and any business holders and organizations to increase the productivity level and financial level of the state. This department also helps in giving financial services and loan to the needy individuals. It is the rule of the state of Georgina that whoever is involved in the transactions of sale have to firstly register themselves in their department and then have to pay the certain taxes related to the given property, organization and for business. The state of Georgina consider that business is the crucial step to enhanced the infrastructure of the state therefore it promote the business organization to registered themselves and also promote the foreigner investments to run their business in their state by offering best customer service to them.

How To Register?

  • For the registration process, the owner must have the FEIN number of the business and must have enough knowledge about his particular business.
  • To start the process, you must go to the official website of the department that is “”.
  • On home page you will see various instructions and links were given related to the payment of taxes and various services.
  • You will click on the option of “Register a business”. When you click the option you will see three tabs were option related in the center of the page. First tab was of Determine your eligibility then second was gather your information and third one was Submit your request.
  • As you have to request to register your business then you will go for the third option that is “submit your request” and will click on it.
  • Then you will lick on the option of “Click here to register your new business”. Then new page will form in which you will provide your personal, business and account information. In business information tab carefully type your “Business Type’, ‘Legal Name” and “Doing Business As Name” and click on “Ok” button and go to the next step and complete the series of the steps.
  • In the end you will click on the option of “Submit” to register your business.


When you registered your business in their official website then you will be able to pay your tax on their online service and can also refund your pay taxes. This department offers best operational performance to their members and deals them with best customer service.

About Company:

The Georgina Department of Revenue is founded by a Revenue Commissioner and has more than 900 employees which are working under their observation. This is the tax collection agency in the state of Georgia.

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