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Bruce T. Halle founded Discount tires in 1960. Since then the company has seen phenomenal expansion and growth and is now the largest independent retailer of wheels and tires. Headquartered in Scottsdale the company own more than 800 retail outlets all over 23 states in USA.

Submit A Rebate Processing Application

Rebate offer can be claimed either by post or through online means. Having an internet connection is not necessary to submit a discount tire rebate.

Who May Claim Discount Tire’s Rebate

  1. Anyone who made a purchase at the discount tires and who holds a valid rebate offer is eligible to submit a rebate claim online or through mail.
  2. The claimant must be in possession of a valid purchase receipt. If this has lost the store can be contacted for a re-print.

Step By step Guide

  1. First of all check for the list of rebate offers still valid at discount tires from their web page at are the ones you can claim against.
  2. Download the form for the rebate offer you are going to claim. Take a printout and fill the form. The survey on the form is mandatory (If you qualify for more than one rebate chose one of them two because you can only claim once for each purchase. The other offer can be  saved for another purchase).
  3. Go to discount tires rebate center on their website at
  4. Enter the offer code printed on your invoice
  5. Enter invoice number and choose transaction date from pull down menu and also type in your telephone number
  6. If the system prompts you to fax or mail the copy of invoice and discount form then do so but only after you have maintained one copy for yourself. Contact details are

Fax Number 480-668-9402

It is not an indication that you cannot claim the rebate, the company might be facing difficulty to trace your invoice in their record or it may take some time before they receive the invoice from the relevant store.

  1. If you are not asked to fax or mail the rebate form and invoice then wait for a confirmation email from discount tires after they have validated your invoice in their records.
  2. Now provide your personal identification information in the customer information tab and click “Next”.
  3. Follow step by step guidance at the website and fill in the rebate form.


Applying for a rebate claim at discount tires is a very simple process. Once submitted the claim’s status can be checked online regardless of whether the claim was filed through a PC or a postal mail.

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