Create An EBT Account To Activate Your Ucard

The management services are offered by EBT for the convenience of its customers and so they can get the latest new and views about the company by just a single click. By entering the number given on the card all the information about the respective card can be accessed in no time. Cardholders are facilitated by this online service and they are relaxed by giving all the service in their homes on PC systems.

The holder of cards can check the balance of the card by giving its number following easy steps. Except the balance they cal also check the details of transactions. In addition to all this special tips and hints about the usage of products are given so the customers may enjoy the services given by them.


  • To activate the Ucard online website then get its home page at the following web address .
  • At the left side of the home page link “cardholder login”.
  • Enter the card number in the field given in front of the statement “EBT card #”.
  • Click on “login” button.
  • After logging in to your account you can easily activate your Ucard and enjoy all the online facilities they provide.
  • To get extra information about the following website then you must get the following link .


Having an online account can facilitate you in many ways. Sometimes you stuck in a thing about any of their product and do not find any kind of help from anyone then the tips they give you through mails can prove beneficial. The account activation process is very easy to be done and takes very less time and this way you can also activate your card easily.

About Company:

EBT is the abbreviation of Electronics Benefits Transfer, it is an electronic system of America linked to departments of government use for the common benefits to be issued. After the year 2004 has passed it has spread its branches in America’s different locations as well as in many other countries including Puerto Rico, District of Columbia, and the Virgin Islands. People who are receiving the benefits can transmit their benefits to retailer account from the federal account so they can use the money for the payments of products they buy.

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