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The initials EDD stand for Employment Development Department; it is a debit card from the American bank. It’s the most efficient and newest way of delivering benefit payments, paid family leave (PFL), Disability Insurance (DI) and Unemployment insurance for California State Insurance of Disability. It provides customers with deposit transfer options that are direct as soon as they get hold of their cards.

Applying For EDD Debit Card Online

You could also apply for this card online card online through, In this web page, you will be required to enter your username or card number and your password. In case you are a first time visitor, click on ‘first time visitor’ and enter your card number and the expiration date given on the card. You should then follow the simple instructions and your application will be processed

Customers are allowed to use the EDD card for 3 years starting from the date of issue before it expires, and will still retain its uses for EDD benefit programs that include, UI, PFL, and DI. EDD is working with the Bank of America so as to make sure that their customers can access the latest services that are available. This will assist them to manage their EDD debit card accounts. For updates that may include notifications, email alerts and mobile, when you have a low balance, when you have made a new deposit and your start balance for each day, you may check out Bank of America EDD Debit Card SM Website.

Visa debit cards for EDD are acceptable everywhere. Customers are able to access money at Visa banks, ATMs, point of sale terminals and credit unions that can accept visa. EDD Debit Card has many benefits, they includes:

  1. You can use your cards for payment of bills.
  2. You can use your visa debit card in any place that they are accepted – by phone, online or in stores.
  3. You will no longer wait for checks in the mail boxes.
  4. You now have an option for deposit transfer that is direct.
  5. For people who do not have bank accounts, you will no longer use checks for cashing fees.
  6. Risks associated with lost and stolen checks have now been reduced.

 Deposit Transfer That Is Direct

These transfers are direct and usually done electronically and this means that they are quick. As soon as you receive your card, you should activate it and then get in contact with the Bank of America for them to transfer all your benefits to your savings or checking account. The following are important details about direct deposits transfer that you should know of:

  1. You will require a valid email account.
  2. Until you receive and activate your EDD card, you cannot be able to make direct transfers of deposit.
  3. If your transfer of deposit needs to be made over the weekend or maybe you do your banking at smaller institutions, then you may expect delays until the following day.
  4.  Funds transfer is the same as deposit transfer.
  5. You should not contact the EDD to ask them to set up the transfer directly.

There should be no fees for:

  1. ATM withdrawals at all domestic ATMs of the Bank of America.
  2. Replacements for domestic cards.
  3. Live and automated inquiries for customer service.

EDD cards sent by customers are not accepted. Cards will be received by the department and forwarded for destruction to the bank of America.

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